Fried Cheese With French Fries

Fried Cheese With French Fries

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Usually it takes longer to cook the French Fries, so start with them. Cut them into slices and fry in hot oil.
Heat up more oil in different pan and prepare the cheese.
Prepare three bowls in a row. One bowl of flour, bowl of eggs (well mixed) and a bowl of bread crumbs.
Coat the cheese in flour first, than in eggs, and finally in bread crumbs.
Put the cheese into the heated oil; fry it (first half will take about 2 minutes, after flipping less than a minute).
By the time cheese is ready you should have fries ready too so you can serve them immediately. Sometimes it comes with vegetables (slices of tomatoes and cucumber for example) and tartar sauce.


Cheese – 1 slice per person
Eggs – 2-3 pieces
Flour – 4-5 tablespoons (tbsp)
Bread crumbs – 4-5 tbsp
Oil, salt
Potatoes – 3-4 pieces

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