Parené Buchty (steamed Buns)

Parené Buchty (steamed Buns)

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Receita de Parené Buchty (steamed Buns)
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Heat up the milk (to a bit warmer than room temperature) and melt the yeast in the half of it.
Add the egg, sugar, salt and the rest of the milk. Beat it with electric mixer and knead it by hand a bit.
Cover the dough and leave for 30–40 minutes (until it rises to double size).
Roll it out to 7 mm thick and cut into 24 square pieces. Put teaspoon of jam to each piece.
Next seal the buchtas by folding them as envelopes and put them on a flour-sprinkled surface.
Boil 2 cups of water in saucepan and place the steamer over the boiling water. Brush the steamer with a bit of vegetable oil, so it will not stick to it.
Put a few buchtas to the steamer, but don’t forget to leave some space between them as they will grow during cooking.
Keep the water boiling and cook them for 20 minutes.
Serve them with melted butter and chocolate, or other type of sauce, dressing, etc. according to your taste.


Milk – 1 cup
Flour – 450 grams
Egg – 1 piece
Jam – 350 grams (plum, strawberry, etc. anything you like)
Yeast – 25 grams
Sugar – 2 tablespoons (tbsp)
Vegetable oil – 1-2 tbsp

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